Product Line Diversity:

Agrium Advanced Technologies offers an extensive line of both dry and liquid micronutrient products for the agricultural and animal feed industries. On the dry side of our business Agrium Advanced Technologies offers the widest variety of granulation sizes available in the micronutrient industry. Although the universe of micronutrients is large, we pride ourselves in offering a diverse line of dry and liquid products. While TMI’s core product lines are granular and liquid zinc micronutrients, we also offer most of the other key micronutrients used world-wide, including manganese, boron, copper, and iron.

Product Quality:

Agrium Advanced Technologies prides itself in manufacturing products which are totally water soluble and available to the plant or animal. The buyer should always ask, how many pounds of active ingredient are soluble and available to the plant or animal? For instance, when a Agrium Advanced Technologies customer buys 2000 pounds of 35.5% granular zinc sulfate, they can be assured of receiving 710 pounds of 100% water soluble zinc. Many products that claim to be “zinc sulfate” might only contain 10-20% Zinc in a water soluble and available form. As an informed buyer, make sure what your micronutrient dollars are purchasing. Do not be fooled by products that claim “efficiency ratios” and may not deliver the number of pounds of active ingredient per dollar spent.

Rest assured that every lot of Agrium Advanced Technologies product is analyzed in our on-site laboratory and given a lot number prior to shipment in order to assure our quality claims.

Customer Service:

It is rare in this world to call the customer service line of any company without encountering an automated system. At Agrium Advanced Technologies we pride ourselves in making sure that when you call to place an order or ask a question regarding our product lines, you will always be greeted by another person who is knowledgeable concerning our products.

Sales Experience:

Agrium Advanced Technologies offers the most experienced sales staff in the Micronutrient Industry. Between our company’s CEO, National Feed salesman, and four regional sales managers, our staff offers the customer over 100 years of manufacturing experience in the micronutrient industry.

Geographic Location:

tetra_map.jpgThe Agrium Advanced Technologies plant site is ideally located in the center of the United States. As gas and oil prices continue to rise in today’s volatile market, our plant location gives TMI the most cost-efficient shipping location in the United States. Sitting on the mainline of the UP railroad, and a few miles south of Interstate 80, we offer a central shipping point to all of the United States agricultural heartland.

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities:

Agrium Advanced Technologies offers a broad range of toll manufacturing capabilities. Whether your needs are ammoniation reactions, chelation reactions, the manufacture of citrates, nitrates, sulfates or acetates, we can do any of these and more. Please explore our capabilities before spending the capital to manufacture in house. We offer packaging for toll manufactured liquid products in anything from a one liter bottle to a bulk truck and on the dry side of our business from a 25 lb bucket to a valve pack bag or bulk truck. Our spray drying and granulation capabilities have been refined over 30 years and can offer the customer a tremendous advantage in formulating and drying a new product.

Warehousing Capabilities:

With over 120,000 square feet of warehouse, and 70,000 of that temperature controlled, Agrium Advanced Technologies offers tremendous capabilities for storing, warehousing, and delivering a wide variety of micronutrient products that require special handling.